Characterizing My Life

A life lived in Christ is all about overcoming by faith, and my life has been no exception. The Good Lord has empowered me to overcome the low expectations of my background, the lostness of my young adult life, relational dysfunctions, many of my own self-limiting beliefs, and the serious health crisis of my fifties. Today, I continue to overcome a weakened constitution, and the reduced nerve function that resulted from earlier health challenges, while pressing forward to help more families as the Lord empowers me. I believe there’s a part of my life that will always be in the trenches, but I am gratefully here to help and encourage you along your own path to becoming a more authentic believer, a more loving parent, and a more whole person who can influence your family for the Lord.

Characterizing My Ministry

God gifted me with the ability to hone in on a person’s hidden-to-them barriers that contributes to relational brokenness. Thankfully this gives me an edge and more effectiveness in personal ministry. I operate from a basis of how I experience someone’s spirit relating with me in the spirit, just as I did within my family, so I can effectively target relational barriers. The standard I point them toward is Christlike love. The wisdom that comes from this approach influences the content of my programs, making them truly unique.

Local Friends ~ 2015

Local Friends & M.INT. Team ~ 2015

In addition to helping my husband overcome his relational limitations, I have helped many others overcome theirs.

Me, Beth, and Barbie ~ May 2015

Me, Beth, and Barbie ~ May 2015

I feel compelled to mobilize wives with wisdom for how to effectively help their husbands toward growth in their family relationships.

Ericka and Me ~ May 2015

Ericka and Me ~ May 2015

I am passionate in my ministry of love toward others to draw them to embrace the Lord’s work in their hearts, so they can experience success in their family building and homeschooling.

Barbie, Cynthia, and Me ~ 2015

Barbie, Me, and Cynthia ~ 2015

Giving Glory to God

I’m compelled to give glory to God for simply everything—from healing my identity to healing my family relationships—from making me whole to making my life purposeful—from keeping promises right from the beginning to keeping my soul safe from the enemy during times of trial—from His merciful dealings to His abundant grace. He is everything to my life—at times the air I breathe, the legs I stand on, the strength of my heart, the recall of His glory, the hope of a promise yet fulfilled, but most of all—the LOVE of my life—unconditional, personal, and generous. I’m so grateful that through adversities and sufferings He still considers me faithful and receives me in His blessed, holy service.

I hope you find something in this ministry—Empowering the Heartbeat of Your Life—that will serve you and your family,


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