Albert Einstein once said that, “If at first the idea is not absurd then there is no hope for it.” I’ve always experienced a great tension between an idea that “felt stupid” and a strong intuition that I’m supposed to do it anyway. For me, that strong intuition was the Lord’s direction. Here are a few ideas I had that seemed “stupid” at the time, either unconventional or counter-intuitive, but that led to smart decisions for me.

• I believed that a previously uneducated woman could influence others with an unconventional life-message about self-education. I learned that “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise .

• I believed that conventional personal ministry didn’t work powerfully enough to change people at the core of their being, because it usually avoided tripping a person’s land mines. Typical spiritual ministry often only addresses the surface, which circumvents the conscience and prevents the revealing of underlying barriers.

In 2006, God gave me clear intuition for what to do instead. A few women in my local community agreed to allow me to teach (correct and instruct) them how to relate with me as a person instead of with me “the minister”. It made all the difference in their lives, and has been far more effective as an approach toward breakthroughs in family relationships, in addition to teaching me a lot about what people really need from a caring minister.

• After much inner wrestling with my self-talk, I decided to make a comeback to public ministry as I approached my 60th birthday, after having spent seven years recovering from serious health issues. Now I face real limitations of both age and health, not to mention a big enough dynamic in my family and community life that it’s hard to begin with a new thrust. God has always swallowed up my fears and He’s swallowing these up too. I consider this season my second act, and I’m inspired and energized for it!

• When my health was at its worst, when the odds seemed against me, and when I wanted to hide the most, I continued to reach out to offer help to others I was only just beginning to know, even when I didn’t feel like it—actually, I never did feel like it. However, living for the Lord had so thoroughly changed my DNA to care about people, it was strange not to reach out. Some of the greatest friendships and blessings of my life came from that season—a season of counter-intuitive actions that served to shift my ministry focus to what I have today.

imageI have often wished life was easier, but I have had nothing but a life worth living, thanks be to the Lord! I know there are many moms who have chronic health issues that are either debilitating or robbing them of necessary energy for family life. If you are in a health-related battle, you can make a difference to the ones you love if you receive more of God’s amazing empowering love for you. Being loved, known, and understood will soften a difficult trial for both you and your children. Learn how to receive God’s LOVE for your family. God certainly knows how to direct your path toward healing, and He knows you can become far more than you think you can as you go through it! Ask Him to flood your life with His love, and learn to obey your conscience. He will draw you to himself. As He did for me, He will do for you.

Thank you for reading, and may the Lord bless you and keep you in His care.