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Heart-Level Connections

When it comes to relational challenges, magic won't make your troubles go away, and the "wishing fairy" won't help you out either. 

People are complex and your precious family is no exception. Each member of your family has a need to be uniquely known and understood by you and by each other. 

You can't truly understand anyone else before you learn how to know yourself and how you connect to the inner workings of all that's going on inside of you. 

*Learn how to make vital connections with your inner growth processes  so you can begin healing the heartbeat of your family! 

*Learn how to recognize God's work in your life  so you'll know you're not alone, and you can cooperate with the help He is already giving you, but that you just don't recognize!

*Learn how to grow — so you can be the family leader your children need you to be! 

*Learn how to help your children grow too  so they can learn how to connect to their own inner growth process where God wants to influence their hearts!

*Learn how to build relational foundations that last a lifetime so your children will receive your influence whenever they need it!

How Did We Personalize These Programs?

We asked two dozen real moms just like you to fill out extensive essay-style questionnaires with very personal questions to find out why they were stuck in their personal growth.

We probed deeply, and they were very generous with their personal information!

We wanted to know why they weren’t experiencing the transforming power of God in their lives, promised to believers.

We wanted to know why they felt so emotionally ill-equipped as believers in Christ to parent their children for Him.

We wanted to know why they lacked inner security and strength in their God-given identity.

We wanted to know why they had an insatiable appetite for parenting tips and tricks that never seemed to satisfy.

We wanted to know why they couldn't hold their children's hearts.

We were surprised by their answers! Here's one for instance: 99% of the moms had never actually experienced forgiveness, and therefore they carried a lot of guilt, and as Christian believers needed to become reconciled to God in personal and life-changing ways.

  ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    We Found 21 "Disconnects" They Held in Common!

  ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   ~ ~   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

These disconnects prevented them from a vital spiritual growth process, and experiencing God's powerful grace for the overcoming life in Christ. 

The disconnects explained why they couldn't identify God's correction and instruction to their own heart toward maturing their faith, and becoming the parents they wanted to be. They lacked inner peace, and confusion was a common complaint as well as self-condemnation.

We set out to tailor make these programs to address common challenges to expose our 24 moms  and now you to an array of meaningful issues you may never have considered before.

We made the programs very practical and personal toward setting wrong thinking straight, so you can take relational actions that will stimulate your spiritual growth toward the healing of your family's heartbeat.

your growth process begins as you learn how to accurately identify what is going on inside of you — so you can start making your own vital connections with the help God is already giving you through His Holy Spirit.



    Each Program Includes:

     • 2 Questionnaires (one for before going through program and one for after)
         An eArticle by Marilyn Howshall (in downloadable pdf format)
 4-Hours  of mp3 audio discussions, questions answered, and specific direction for
           connecting with the heart-level work of the Holy Spirit. 
 Private Facebook Discussions in PDF format between the live pilot program  
participants and Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling.
 Suggested Order for Proceeding



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                “Your Conscience” 

           "After listening to the first 2 audios, there is a new peace that has come over my soul. The Lord is fully 
           meeting my needs. I am so excited to be in this place. It has been a very long time coming. I am so

           grateful that God's love is more than enough, that His heart is to forgive. I have been enabled to
           completely forgive. How grateful I am." ~ Becky P

You'll Learn:

* what happens when a child is left to his own resources and the results of ignoring           the conscience in child training.

* six actions you can begin to take now to reset your conscience and help your                    children to do the same.

* about four primary disconnects you may be experiencing in your attempts to set things    right with God and with your family relationships.

* how you may have neglected a key action in your relationship with God and with            family members that will—when taken—chase condemnation away forever, and begin        to bring the healing process to the heartbeat of your family. 

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                "YOUR STANDARDS"

              "Each audio I listen to I think, "Wow. It can't get any better than this!" And yet every call,  I am over-
              whelmed with new understanding and drawn even closer to Jesus. Thank you so so so very much!" 
                                                                                                  ~ Ericka H

  You'll Learn:

* about a single relational approach to spiritual growth and discipleship, and                       the activity of developing moral character by learning how to love much and well.

* about four primary disconnects you may be experiencing in your quest for God’s love in     your life.

* the possibility of being in the wrong courtroom and what happens in your relationships     when you try to serve self-contrived standards.

* to realign your thinking and your soul posture with God and His ways of truth, so             you will be free to receive the love of God in your life.

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                    “Your Desires” 

                   "I can now see, regarding the many desires the Lord has put in my heart, that I was totally leaving
                   God and relationship out. I was mistakenly operating as if it was all mine to do and bring to pass,
                   and it was all too overwhelming. I am so deeply thankful to realize that it is He that will bring the
                   desires He gives to pass, and that my role is simply and wonderfully to seek to know Him more
                   intimately and cooperate with Him more fully."  ~ Rosemary K

You'll Learn:

* the source and origin of true desire, and be encouraged to awaken any repressed              desire.

* about four primary disconnects you may be experiencing in your search for reality and     identity in Christ, so you can come into experiencing the security that belongs to Christ’s       own.

* some common misconceptions, including how you may have lost a piece of the real      you while being in the wrong employment, and why you seem ill-fitted to the things you        join and never really feel like you belong.

* to discover the true desires of your heart, and how to test the object and purpose of          desire, so you can get rightly connected to the Lord’s work in you, and experience His life-    giving direction toward your true identity in Christ. 

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                     "YOUR FAITH"

                "Through this program He is building my faith and trust in Him and my love for Him because of His
                 love for me. The belief and CERTAINTY I feel that HE WILL answer and that I can trust Him and wait,
                 if necessary, is really transforming my ability, I think, to hear! Now I KNOW the truth about Him
                 and I believe it! Doubt is gone from me! Thank you again! ” - Julie M

  You'll Learn:

* how to inspire your faith for the Lord’s involvement in your concerns. 

* what to do with the fears of your life. 

* about four primary disconnects you may have that prevent you from exercising your           faith toward answers to prayer so you can be released in your faith. 

* how to combine specific works with your faith, according to the Holy Spirit’s      
    personal instruction to you.

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                                   “Your Helper 

                        "Words can not express how I feel about going through these programs. "Program" sounds too            
                         impersonal, so I'll just consider y'all family now!" ~ Nancy B

You'll Learn:

* how to recognize the convicting work of the Spirit, and also the opposing ways of             your flesh. 

* about common stumbling blocks to the work of the Holy Spirit, so you can be free to           receive from Him. 

* about five primary disconnects you may have that prevent you from connecting to all         the help the Holy Spirit wants to give to you. 

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Don’t Take My Word For It

“Marilyn, thank you, thank you for the time you have given to get to know us so that we are not being given a general message. So grateful for all you are doing for me, for us…I am so, so grateful for these programs! They just keep getting better and better. The faith one was SO GOOD and SO TIMELY for where I am right now! Thank you!” 

Rhonda M

Georgia Mom of 5

“After going through the “Your Conscience” program, I finally have words to express and define what I’d always sensed and yearned for inside, but didn’t know how to find and live out! My family is being absolutely transformed. The best part is, as far as my specific family relationships go, I’m finding it easy to “be in love with” my husband again! Now that I am connecting with the Lord, I've become free to love, faults and all. Now I am free to enjoy our love without resentment and negativity. Wow…I never saw that coming! – Ellen B

Ellen B

Washington Mom of 6

Marilyn Howshall and Barbie Poling, I am so grateful for these coaching programs. They have been and I know will continue to be life changing!  I am so glad to express to you my gratitude. The things you shared in the programs are continuing to work and I am putting them into practice and finding I see God moving! I can not wait to move on to the next one! It is amazing how God is using these programs to make connections for me! Thank you again!” 

Julie M

Arkansas Mom of 2 teens

I hope you will join us in this journey of hope toward Christ’s heartbeat! 

  • You'll be empowered to help your children make their personal inner connections strong as you make yours strong! 

  • You will be left with no doubt about what may be preventing you from connecting to God’s life. 
  • You can take action now toward a family purpose that doesn’t neglect what’s really important to life.
  • You will be set free to believe what your spirit has been telling you all along!

Still Not Sure?

I understand you could be weighing the cost.

Download my gifts to you and
continue to consider!

I look forward to connecting with you as you journey toward healing the heartbeat of your family!

I'm so grateful to serve the Lord with what He's given me to share with you,

Marilyn Howshall