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~ journey to Christ's Heartbeat ~

May 19-21 2016

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Practical Clarity for how to cooperate with God
in healing the heartbeat of your family! 

Perfect for married couples!
Perfect for parents to attend together! 
Perfect for bringing your older children! (ages 16 and up)
Perfect for a group of men friends to attend together!
(if wives have already attended a Moms Dove M.INT.)
Fills the pre-qualifications for attending Marriage M.INT. and/or Junior M.INT.


“This M.INT. has been so empowering and wonderful!
I encourage anyone to make a way to go, even where you think there is no way!" ~ Jeri P

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“Oh my goodness! The M.INT. has been a game-changer for us! I just can’t believe it! Thank you sooooo very much!!!"
~ Monica A

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“I just got back from an incredible M.INT. weekend with my husband. It was absolutely incredible! We have been changed forever!!!" ~ Kelly W

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“If you've been thinking of going to a M.INT., trust me, you do. It's worth the time away and the cost involved, because what you come away with is priceless!!!”
~ Stephanie K

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​If you’re new to this ministry, or new to the message of my book, 
Empowered—Healing the Heartbeat of Your Family
then Empower M.INT. is for you!
This event lays the foundation for how the Christian life will powerfully impact the quality of your family relationships as you follow
Christ’s Standard of Love. 

Marilyn Howshall

Family Heartbeat Mentor

Empower M.INT.

What you can expect

Thursday Evening “Meet and Greet” ~ Join us at 7:00 pm for visiting and an overview introduction, so when Friday morning comes, you’ll be ready to delve in with a strong start. You'll be able to meet our wonderful team who will be providing you with practical and prayer support as you go through your Master Intensive. You'll be receiving your name tag and syllabus at this time.

Five Intensive Sessions ~ Each of five sessions (3 on Friday and 2 on Saturday) gives you a laser-focused message concerning your connection with the Lord. You will begin to experience clarity of how to work with God to overcome any disconnects you've had in your relationship with Him, and how He wants to work in your life. You will be empowered to overcome areas that you've been stuck in for a long time, and begin to drive your personal growth forward toward healing your heartbeat. 

Testimonies ~ You will hear personal testimonies from our team that will flesh out what you are learning. Other friends that you met at the “Meet and Greet” will be scheduled to visit with us from time to time so you can hear their personal stories of how they are successfully overcoming their disconnects and stuck places based on the topics being discussed.


More of what to expect

Assignments ~ You’ll be given corresponding assignments to do on your own. Each assignment will help you to uniquely personalize the messages, and give you the clarity needed for what God wants to do in you.

Open Discussion ~ There will be facilitated discussion and you’ll have the opportunity for sharing what you’re learning, but only what you feel comfortable sharing, and with no added pressure from us. Making real connections with others will enrich your experience.

Takeaway Tools ~ We have a great “Takeaway” for you. We will send you home with tools for improving your unique relational patterns with the Lord, so you can deepen your understanding toward transferring what you're learning over to your relationships with your family.

Fun and Special Surprises ~ We want to make this time together memorable for you, and so we have a few special surprises for your weekend that we hope will make you feel cared for.

Prayer Ministry ~ As the Lord leads.


More Details

Location at a Local Hotel Meeting Room ~ Your intensive will be held in a hotel meeting hall in Sumner, Washington.

Lodging ~ You will need to arrange and pay for your own accommodations. The Hotel where we are meeting offers a discount to our guests when booked at least 3 weeks in advance.

Meals ~ You’re responsible for the expense of all your meals. If you're staying in the meeting hotel, breakfast is included. You'll need to have transportation for your other meals since restaurants are not within walking distance.  We will give you a map and listing of several good restaurant choices nearby.


REgister Today!
Attendance for 1
Or dep0sit for 2 or more

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Family Rates Available  
(ages 16 and up living in the same household)

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