Healing the Heartbeat of Your Family

Do you want to write a family story that heals the heartbeat of your family relationships and keeps them whole?

Marilyn illustrates how God will empower you to effectively heal the relational heartbeat of your family. 

If you don't feel emotionally and relationally fit and in a state of readiness for your parenting challenges, or if you've already raised your family and wished you'd done some things differently, then God will show you how to bring connectedness at the heart-level that will lead to changing the relational culture of your family home.

Empowered is not a book on parenting, but about becoming an authentic Christian who knows how to love. It presents a compelling promise for all Christian parents whose desire it is to embody Christ's Law of Love. This message will help you to write your family's story in the Lord's love.
        (previously titled: Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith)

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This eBook Answers the Question

How can parents effectively transfer their relational values and faith to their children, forming loving
moral character in them while at the same time promoting true heart-level discipleship to Christ?

Empowered is blowing me away in a very good way! I finished it a few days ago, and immediately started reading it again!  I have already been eagerly sharing parts of what I am learning with friends, and am convinced it is a message the church desperately needs to hear. Oh how deceived so many of us are!  Thank you sooooo much for writing this and making it available.”

~ Sarah M ~  


More than 8 out of every 10 parents are failing to transfer biblical moral values and faith to the next generation! They are missing out on the meaningful family heart-level relationships God wants them to have.

You don't have to be among them! 

What is the Heartbeat of Your Family?

            Have you been seeing the trends of teenagers 
            raised in Christian homes rebelling against their
        parents, young people making decisions against their    
              parents' wishes
 and advice, and young Christian
                               marriages ending in divorce?

                 Will the religious upbringing you’re providing for 
                      your children be enough to stem the tide?
                         Your children may like going to church,
                              but do they really love the Lord?
                      How do they treat their siblings and you?

         Christian friends seem like a good thing, but are your    
    children developing meaningful relationships within your
                     family? Do you know how to help them?

A Word From The Author

Please watch this short video and hear how Barbie Poling saw she was failing to lead her children to God even though she and her husband had been doing all the regular Christian activities of church, prayer, and bible studies. When she began practicing the message in Empowered the Lord helped her to rapidly turn things around. Barbie captured the heartbeat of her whole family  toward love and forgiveness!

~ Marilyn, Family Heartbeat Mentor
                                        ** previously titled:
               Empowering the Transfer of Moral Values and Faith**