Questions about eBooks and Audios
(Downloading, Printing and Listening)

“I never read ebooks before (I bought a kindle and sent it back; paper books for me, please!). So for these ebooks, I invested in several reams of paper, some colorful 3 ring notebooks, dividers, a hole punch, some ink cartridges and printed ALL of the materials off. I wouldn’t do this for any other ebook, but these are worth every penny and minute invested in printing them out. I used my homeschool curriculum budget for this and it has been the best investment in our family’s life and education I have ever made. Through these ebooks, I discovered that I didn’t need to still spend $$$ on ‘curriculum.’” ~ Wendy T

Once I purchase an ebook, will they be downloaded to my computer so I can print them, or do I need to print them only off the screen?

You will be sent a link through email after you pay with PayPal (it will go to your PayPal email) to download the book in a PDF document, and you will want to save that to your computer. Once they are saved you can open them whenever you want and read or print whatever you want at the time.

How do I save the ebook in my computer?

The ebook(s) are in a pdf format. It’s a file that can be stored on your computer, or saved to a hard disk, or a flashdrive stick. After you download it, it will be most likely stored in your downloads folder, so you can probably find it there. We recommend you move it to a location on your computer that is easy for you to find. If you need to move it from one of your computers to another, you can attach it to an email addressed to yourself, or transfer it with a flashdrive stick, or move it to another device through a USB connection. Please remember that these ebook files are for your own personal use. If you’d like to give a copy of the ebook file to a friend or extended family member, please abide by the copyright, and purchase another one for them.

Should I put them on a disc or is it better to print it from the computer?

A disc for backup is a good idea if you don’t have a backup drive where you regularly backup your computer. But you can print them directly from your computer.

I can’t find the ebook in my documents file, where else could it be?

Check your download file, it should be there. You can use the search bar to locate downloads from the start-up icon.

I prefer a physical copy, what about printing my ebook?

Many of our customers prefer to read their ebooks on paper, instead of on the computer screen. They have discovered that many libraries provide free printing up to a certain number of pages, and go there to print their ebooks out. They store well in a three ring binder. Our customers have reported that they feel more free to mark up and take notes right on the pages, because they know they can always print out a clean copy if their notes overcome the pages.

I want to read the ebook on my Kindle Fire, iPad, or Nook.

If you have a Kindle, iPad, or Nook, you can convert your pdf ebook into the correct format for these devices. Here are some links to information about converting them.

PDF to Kindle – download this free software:

PDF on iPad – Here is a page giving instruction for your iPad: You can download your ebooks onto your ipad and read them, however, doing this will not save them. Once you close the browser tab, the ebook will be gone. In order to save the file, click on the save button while on the browser screen. You will not be able to read the file unless you download a pdf reader app.

Video on how to read a PDF on your Nook:

If my ebook has already been downloaded to my laptop, is there any way to get it onto my Kindle?

Make sure you can find the pdf first, then attach your Kindle to your computer. When the Kindle icon pops up, press it. Then, on your kindle press View the Documents. Once you open the documents folder you will see all the ebooks you have. Simply drag and drop your pdf into the documents folder. Now you can close your documents folder and … (btw, at the bottom right of your computer be sure to push the safely remove icon before you disconnect)…disconnet.

What’s the best way to listen to my audios?

The Empowering the Heartbeat of Your Life audios come in an mp3 format. You can listen to them on your computer, or transfer them to a device like an ipad, smart phone, Kindle, ipod, or CD.

How come my audios won’t play on my ipad?

The itunes version on ipad is not a complete version. You cannot listen to mp3 audios on your ipad by downloading them directly to it because they are not in itunes format. You must first download the audio to your computer, put it in itunes, and then transfer it to your ipad. Your computer can change the audio into itunes format but your ipad cannot.

Why do I have an email series coming in me that I didn’t pay for?

Following certain purchases, we sign you up to receive our complimentary follow up emails—If you do not wish to receive these emails at this address, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the emails.

We pray the Good Lord will bless you with inspiration as you begin to read and consider the Heartbeat of your family and hope these simple suggestions are helpful, no matter how you decide to store and read your ebook(s) and audios.