Love’s Actions

Companion Book to Empowered

“Marilyn, I want to give you a quick review on “Love’s Actions,” the companion book that you are selling as a compliment to Empowered. I just now flipped through it for the first time, and was excited to see so many examples of what love looks like – there must be hundreds of examples taken directly from Scripture, as well as hundreds of specific examples describing both what love (the fruit of the spirit) looks like in a parent’s real life and also what the works of their flesh look like.

To anyone considering buying “Love’s Actions,” you need to know that is unlike any of Marilyn’s other books because it is more of a reference book than anything else. To anyone who gets discouraged trying to understand the unfamiliar words and definitions in Marilyn’s other writings, this companion is a must have. It is about as practical as it gets. Thank you again, Marilyn, for your sacrificial ministry to all of us in writing both of these books.” ~ Christi Faagau