4 Core Messages to Get You Started

1 — What Is Having Your Children’s Hearts?

Empowering the Heartbeat of Your Life is a ministry of the heart, where our goal is to help you become competent working in the heartbeat of your family, so you can have and hold your children’s hearts and write the best possible family story.

The heartbeat of these two still capture my breath at times!

The heartbeat of these two precious ones still captures my breath at times!

You and I both know the heart is much more than just a physical organ. We think of it as the center of our being, which is a bit ambiguous, and some would say even mysterious.

The heart can be a foreign and unknown place for someone whose heart was neglected their whole life—left to its own wisdom, uneducated and untrained. However, the heart can also be a known, familiar and very comfortable place for someone who received lots of positive and intimate influence by a loving parent and/or the Holy Spirit.

I want to show you that the heart is a vital relational entity—God even says so—and as such it can be de-mystified enough for our practical purposes toward inner growth—both relationally and spiritually. […]

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 2 — Relational Fitness — Your Family’s Heartbeat Depends on It

Sammy ~ October 2015

Sammy ~ October 2015

There probably isn’t a mother who believes she’s completely “ready” to help her children become who they want them to be. We parents rise to the current challenges as we go along, but perhaps the question to ask is this:

Do you feel emotionally and relationally fit—in a state of readiness—to tackle your parenting challenges surrounding the heartbeat of your family? If you’re feeling something lacking; if you could use more capacity, then the answer might point to the need for more personal growth and development.

Let’s look at this idea. Your daily decisions for your physical health will either increase your capacity for life or severely limit you. It’s the same for relational health. The decision you’re making today to delay your personal inner growth will limit your capacity tomorrow to lead your children through increasingly more mature processes of growth, development, and learning.

The reality is that your child’s development is completely dependent upon you to become the best possible version of yourself along the journey of life. You can only transfer to your children what you have known for yourself. If you are still the same person you were when you started having children, you will limit your children as well.

As parents, we all need to become as familiar as possible with the inner workings of how growth processes work so we can confidently bring our children with us instead of pushing them to fumble and flounder on their own. […]

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3 — Five Ways to Shift Your Focus toward Fruitfulness in Your Family Relationships

Jesse ~ 2015

Jesse ~ 2015

Moms have one of the toughest jobs in the world—to be intimately involved in helping their children become who they were created to be. The family’s relational fitness is important toward supporting this effort.

Relational fitness is a readiness to tackle life, and a growing capacity for life, and what mom doesn’t need increasing capacity as her children’s needs increase? But since mom is usually juggling many cares and duties, relational needs tend to get pushed to the side, beginning with how she relates within her own self.

Don’t you find sometimes, that due to the overwhelming demands of children, your potentially fulfilling purpose as a mother can lead to the neglect of your own personal growth and development? I get that. I was there once too.

The demands of serving multiple little people as soon as you rise in the morning can drive your day forward so fast that you barely have time to think about anything except to meet the urgent needs and hope for a bit of time to escape into quiet and calmness. I know you don’t want your family’s relational fitness to suffer. This is why you need to find a way to focus a bit of effort to starting with you.

It’s easy to excuse yourself from personal growth and development. You think there’s always tomorrow to get serious about some area of your life that needs attention.

Let me give you a perspective I’ve held since my children were ranging between 3-11 years old. […]

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4 — 10 Functions of Your Relational Heartbeat

Do you understand the work God wants us to do in your children’s hearts. I was asked the question recently what I mean by heartbeat and journeying toward Christ’s heartbeat. By way of a brief introduction to my new series about the 10 functions of your relational heartbeat, I want to begin with a couple of clear definitions. PurpleHeartbeatMed

Relational Heartbeat

Relational heartbeat denotes activity that’s in a constant state of motion. It is our interactions with our world that are in a constant state of motion—how we interact with life, ourself, with others, and with God. Our interactions are carried out from the inner recesses of our heart as they are expressed to the outside world.

The functions of our heartbeat is where we are expressing to the world what we know about interacting with life. Our heartbeat is also the place for us to check and measure how we are growing in all 10 areas of relational interaction. The various functions of our heartbeat are practical toward getting to know ourselves better so we’ll be able to cooperate more with the Lord’s work in us. We can lead our children to know themselves too, and learn to recognize the Lord’s work in their own hearts. […]

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